The feral cat program is about to get underway again. Following guidelines from Auburn University School of Veterinary Science and the Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine, feral cats are humanely trapped, taken to the veterinarian within hours of being trapped, given a health check, spayed or neutered, given rabies immunizations and monitored for a least 24 hours and then re-released back into the cat’s regular community. The cat’s ear is notched to alert anyone catching the cat in a trap again that it has been either spayed or neutered.
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A feral cat is a free roaming, unowned and untamed domestic cat. In contrast, a stray cat (or alley cat), while unowned, still exhibits temperament similar to that of a pet. In popular usage, these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Feral cats may be born in the wild and never socialized, or may be escaped pets that have reverted to a wild state. They should not be confused with wildcats, which are not domestic animals.